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**News Flash**
Buttercup got a BOB on 8-26-07 at the Bloomington, IL RBA Show.
These are our does. We have ten at the moment, one Jr. Blue, one Sr. Broken Castor, two Jr.Castors, one Sr. Broken Tort (tri line), one Sr. Lynx, one Sr. Black, one Sr. Harl, and one Sr. Broken Black, one Jr. Broken Blue.
Sr. B/Tort Doe "Buttercup" Winnings: 1 LEG
1-BOSV First Show Jr. Doe Crescent City, IL 7-07
BOB Second Show (1st as a Sr.) Bloomington, IL 8-07
1-BOV Bloomington Show 8-07 (Won BOB as well).
Sr. B/Blk Doe "Black Magic" Winnings:
2nd place in class Bloomington RBA 8-07 (My B/Tort beat her).
2nd place in her class (IMRRC) Spec. Show '07
Sr. Lynx Doe "Ginger" Winnings:
1 BOV first show (IMRRC) Spec. Show '07
Sr. Black Doe "Witchy Woman" Winnings:
Jr. B/Blue Doe "Blue Sky" Winnings:
Jr. Blue Doe "Lily of the Valley" (Blue Bell) Winnings:
Jr. Castor Doe "Squirt" Winnings:
Jr. Castor Doe "PugWug" Winnings:
All my rabbits are on my show team except my Harl for good reason. :)
Pictured below are my does. I will get pictures of my Jr. Broken Blue and my Jr. Blue, my Sr. Black, my Jr. Castor Does on soon.

DR's Black Magic
Sr. Broken Black Doe DOB 2-7-07 wt.4.02

HBP's Candy Corn
Jr. Harlequin Doe DOB 3-30-07

WWW's Ginger Bread-1 BOV
Jr. Lynx Doe DOB 5-2-07

"WMR Squirt" Jr. Castor Doe
Sire:DR's Voodoo X DR's Peanut

DR'S Lil Peanut-DR487
Sire: Rose Arbor's Storm (Opal)-Wt. 3lbs-2BOV;1BOSV Dam:DR'S Spotted Princess(Broken Castor)-Wt.4

MRM'S Buttercup B/ Tort (Tri Line)
Sire: PFRR'S Baby Cake Wt. 3.12 (Tri) Ear: KD1 Dam: SS Little Debbie Wt. 3.12 (Tri) Ear LD10

We hope you enjoy your visit down the rabbit hole!