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** Please read all the way down the page for updates and kit information**
Deposits are non-refundable and a deposit must be put down to hold the rabbit of your choice. First come first serve. Since sexing a rabbit takes until @4 weeks I do not start excepting deposit until 4 weeks of age so we can determine sex and color. You may put your name on a waiting list for the rabbit of your choice and then at 4 weeks a deposit must be given to ensure that rabbit is yours.
Kits stay until 6 weeks-8 weeks.
We will provide some food to mix with whatever Rabbit food you use.
Kits will be tattoed before they leave here.
All kits and rabbits have a three generation pedigree.
Please check the Upcoming Breedings Page.
Prices for kits vary on quality for show, brood, or pet.
Prices are as follows:
Pet:$25-$30(with spay/neuter contract & no papers)
Brood: $30-$50
Show: $50-$150
** NewsFlash** Kits born today 11-26-07
**Candy CornX Trick or Treat- Great looking healthy kits. They are broken black (Doe), and I believe either broken castor or broken harl (Bucks).
**Ginger X Cloud** Had two beautiful kits, They look to be a Broken Opal (Doe) and an Opal (Buck) nice coloration on both. Great looking kits.
**If you are interested please ask, and I will put a rabbit on hold for you.**

We hope you enjoy your visit down the rabbit hole!